How To Microwave Chips

March 23, 2020 By Steven Kane 2

Make great tasting microwave chips using this clever cooking gadget. – A microwave crisper pan.

how to cook microwave chips - crisper pan


You want to know how to make chips, by using a microwave?

Of course, by asking how to microwave chips, that’s two entirely different questions.

Firstly, are you asking how to make them from scratch, by using a microwave?

Or, on the other hand, is it by re-heating some leftovers in the microwave for a crispy, tasty supper?



Don’t worry, below I will answer both and help you in your quest to make the best chips in a microwave.

So to answer the first question. Use a microwave crisper pan.

A microwave pan that makes food crispy, I hear you ask?

Well, What Is a Microwave Crisper Pan?

A microwave crisper pan is a clever cooking gadget, that allows you to cook fries in a microwave in less than 6 minutes.


The second answer, there are a few ways to reheat chips or fries to make tasty, crispy seconds to munch for supper.

Quickest Method

Lightly coat with oil, season, and cook in the microwave for 2 minutes.

Crispiest Method

Again, coat with oil and season, but this time oven-cook for 5 mins. (Not microwaved, obviously)

Steamed Method

This time. Soak some greaseproof paper with water, then squeeze the water out to leave it just slightly damp. Lay it out flat and put your chips in the center.

Wrap it up into a bag, the same a bouquet Garni the cook in the oven for 8-10 mins, this will not crisp them up, but it will add the moisture back into the fries and be lovely and fluffy. (but again they are not microwaved)


But, surely, the biggest question must be, will any of these methods make great chips?


cooked fries

soggy fries







Which of these two plates of fries looks more appealing to eat? I know which one I would choose!

In reality, if you use any of the three methods above, predictably, the result will be second-hand chips. Subsequently,  dry as a bone, or, instead, soggy and limp. To be honest, if you try any of lousy methods, then a lousy supper is what you get ha.

But Hold On That’s Not All, They Can Cook!

Get a microwave crisper pan, and make all kinds of meals in minutes.

There are lots of different types of crisper pans for cooking an array of meals.


micro chip pan3

Chip pan cooking Microwave chip maker







The clever way is also the tastiest way.

Use a microwave crisper pan for quick, tasty and crispy chips, every time. Like I mentioned, in addition to fries, the crisper pan also makes great chicken, fish, onion rings, pizza, chops, or even omelets.

chips in microwave

micro chip pan3



Definitely, a great way to cook delicious, low-fat food in no time. I think it is a really versatile gadget for the kitchen.


Does The Microwave Crisper Pan Make Food Healthier

Yes, in short, it makes food healthier.

One of the best things about using the Microwave Crisper Pan is that it’s a great alternative to fried food. And, as a result, contains much fewer calories.

Definitely a great way to cook delicious, low-fat food in no time. I think it is a really versatile gadget for the kitchen.


Which Crisper Pan Should I Buy?

The best crisper pan will depend on personal preference, For instance, if your intention is to cook crispy fries or scrumptious, crispy pizza then the crispy plate fry pan would be your best bet.

Whereas, if you fancy some toasted sandwiches, paninis, or even grilled meats. I would recommend the microwave sandwich and panini maker.

 press grill pan


There are plenty to choose from, have a look for yourself.

Generally speaking, microwave meals are not considered gourmet food. But, as we all know, fancy meals are a treat and the majority of us look for easier ways to feed our families, and that means saving time on an otherwise busy day.

Ultimately when, and, how often you use such gadgets will vary. But, at the end of the day, this crisper pan is a cool contraption

Definitely, a very handy gadget for anyone to add to their kitchen arsenal.

Hope this helped get you thinking, and maybe you will add a crisper pan to your kitchen arsenal. I would love to know if, and which pan you prefer. Please leave a comment or question below, I will get right back to you.