How To Make A Man Cave On A Budget

July 11, 2020 By Steven Kane 16

Yeah, you want to know how to make a man cave on a budget.

And, in this case, I know exactly how you feel.

You desperately want a man cave and need money to get things started, but, yet again, you are broke.

Despite your best efforts to keep some rainy day savings, specifically for funding your long-awaited venture, predictably, you don’t have a dime to your name.

Because, In spite of you trying to save some cash to start your new project, as soon as something more important comes up, yet again, the money is spent on something else.


Well, naturally, you won’t place more importance on a play project, a fantasy, over things like bills, rent, and keeping your family happy.

Undeniably, this selfless attitude is what makes you a great man, a true provider, who always puts his family first.



So, to begin, let’s start with the question. “What can we do to make this dream happen?”

Well, the fact you are reading this, you are certainly looking for ways to make a man cave on a budget?

So to answer your question,

I Will Show You How To Make Your Man Cave On A Budget!

Congratulations, it’s your lucky day. Because, I am going to show you how to make a low-cost creation, Firstly, I will show you how I made my own budget man cave, a step-by-step walkthrough. As a result, this should give you an idea of how you can get your man space up and running in no time at all.

Image Credit:Wikus van Ryyn

By the end of the article, you will, without question, know how to make your own, on a budget.

A Low Budget Man Cave Sounds Great, Let’s Make One Right Now!

Personally, I was in the same position, just recently in-fact. I had, the choice of two ways I could approach this and I must say I kind of wanted both at the same time.

  1. I could, resourcefully, and quickly get a man cave put together and start chilling in no time.
  2. Or, I could really go to town with my enthusiasm for DIY, and a keen eye for a bargain and create something outstanding, but, despite the beautiful image I had in my head, this would take a much longer time to complete. And I wanted one right now!

So, I went with No.1

To execute No.1 smoothly, let’s keep things simple, and build clever. I will give you as much knowledge as I possibly can to help.

So, to give you the advice you want, I’ll show you my way to make a Budget Man Cave, in a matter of hours 🙂

When I built my own little haven, I kitted out an empty outside garden shed. Starting with nothing I realized I would have to.

  • Build Clever
  • Get Creative
  • Spend Thrifty

Here Is The Man Cave I Made On A Budget

The Seating Area.

how to make a man cave on a budgetman cave created on a budget -


man cave made on a budget

And Of Course, My Bar 🙂

So, I guess, you want to know,

How long it took and what I spent in total?

Sourcing And Buying Materials, Features and Furnishings: 4 Days

Assembly Time: 6 hours

Total Money Spent: $175

I know, it’s not the most elaborate man cave ever made. It is simple, it’s cheap, and it’s mine. I am very proud of it. Besides as you will discover below, now I have it up and running, I can always add more gadgets and stuff as time goes on. But there is no rush. It’s done my budget Man Cave.

Do you have an idea of what you want yours to look like? Was it similar to this or something different?

Please, Let me know in the comments box. Cheers

This is how I did it

What Did I Put In My Budget Man Cave?

The Freebies

A Free Sofa — $0

Haha, I know what a start! I had asked a friend to let me know whenever she was ready to throw this sofa in the trash, as she was getting a new one. No point in this cracker going to waste. So, right from the off, I had a comfortable, handy sofa with drinks holders to lay on and chill.


Used Rug From The Dining Room — $0

Deciding that I wanted a change, my wife, and I recently had carpet laid, to replace the flooring in our dining room, this good condition rug was exactly what I needed.

Luck Comes In Threes

A Bean Bag, Cushions, And Pillow — $0

Some comfy furnishings for zilch. My sister gave me these as she no longer needed them. Great for resting your feet on, to chill after you finish work.

My Dartboard $0

This is my own dartboard, I took it out to the man cave for a few games with my mates. Still a great addition though.

The Purchases

Beer Tap — $110 (optional)

Ok, so this is 100% optional, this is a purchase I  had planned for a while and it wasn’t cheap. I used some money I had saved for a good Beer Tap for as soon as I got my man cave ready.

Mini Projector — $55

Purchasing a new projector, like the beer tap, was also an addition I wanted. I figured that a flat-screen TV would require a bracket or a stand to mount, which could very easily be broken. Whereas I just roll the screen up and its tucked away safely out of danger. A wonderful bargain I bought from an eBay auction. But, if you wanted, try here for a low-cost alternative

Roller Blinds — $5

A cheap roller blind, needed to keep out the sunshine, and the nosey kids 🙂

Two Man Cave Plaques — $5

A few cheap Man Cave plaques to finish the look off just nicely.

Want to add a gaming station, see the sleek Xbox for a great console to buy

Budget Man Cave Complete

So that was it, easy, quick, and ready to ‘move-in’ within 6 hours.

Just One More Thing You Should Know!

Where Does My Energy Supply Come From?

Of course, you will need an energy supply. This is what I use myself,

Electricity Supply

ETL Listed Electrical Equipment

For all my power cords, sockets lights, and switches. I will only use ETL Listed Heavy Duty Electrical Equipment, for a safe feed of electricity, giving myself and others peace of mind.


To keep the place warm, and toasty. I use these Oil-Filled Radiators, with Over-Heat Protective Trip and Knock-Over Kill Switch.

They don’t give off ‘Dry Heat’ as they don’t give off hot air fan circulation. Thus, prevents dry, itchy skin and throat.

Internet Connection

For wireless Internet outdoors, we, as a family use the TP-Link Deco WiFi System.

An absolute demon piece equipment, connects up to 100 devices, with speeds even faster than a traditional router. No contest for me!

I hope this can help you make your man cave.

Thanks For Reading

Best Of Luck


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