Insanely Cool Gadgets To Buy Online 2020

April 22, 2020 By Steven Kane 14

Cool Gadgets You Must Have- A List Of The Best Gadgets Right Now

With the world in lockdown you will most likely be looking for some cool gadgets to buy online. With boredom and stress setting in you will be wondering just how much more painting, singing or cooking you can manage.

So you have decided to splash a bit of cash and buy yourself a new gadget to keep you entertained, and you want the best and finest gear on the market.

Well you have come to the right place to make the right decision on what to buy.

From laptops to smartwatches, there are a ton of cool stuff to buy online. VR headsets to Fitness Trackers there is something for everybody and in this list we have picked the best of the best from each category in the hope that you can save some time and money while choosing your chosen big boy toy to buy right now.

So if you are the type of person who likes to cut to the chase and find the very best on offer.

Carefully researched list is the only thing you will need for the best gadget you can buy in 2020, each category only has one entry and it is the result of hours of research to save you the hassle and give you an idea of the best there is to offer in each category.

Welcome to the only shopping list you will need in 2020…


The Best Laptop 2020

Xiaomi Redmibook

The best laptop you can buy right now.

Xiaomi Laptop

Product Size: 323 x 228 x 17.95mm | Weight: 1.5kg | CPU: AMD Ryzen7 3700U, Quad Core, 2.3GHz~4.0GHz | OS: Windows 10 Home |

Graphics: Radeon Vega10 Graphics | RAM: 16GB DDR4, 2400MHz | SSD: 512GB PCIe SSD  | Other Features: Full size backlight keyboard, 1.3mm key process. PTP touch panel | External Storage: Reserved SSD card slot for hard disk expansion.


The Xiaomi Redmibook 14 inch Notebook Ryzen Edition is a truly impressive laptop to buy. It comes equipped with AMD 3000 Series Processor, with a 10% higher performance for all your game playing, office or design needs.

Xiaomi Laptop

As always Xiaomi have outdone themselves with a really great notebook, amazing audio and visual capabilities coupled with an extremely easy to use interface, makes this a superb choice of laptop to buy.

The mighty Radeon Vega graphics card, image and video processing performance is fully released for easy to use tricky image tasks such as graphics editing and video rendering.

The visual experience on this laptop is really impressive, with a 14 inch full display anti-glare screen for comfortable viewing.


Best Smartphone

Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus

The best smartphone to buy today, a total game changer!


Samsung S10


As far as the best smartphone on the market there is A LOT of choice, and it is purely down to your personal preference.

I have looked at numerous phones when coming to the decision of the best smartphone right now. I for me the stand out choice is still the Samsung S10, and the slightly bigger version the S10 Plus.

With an impressive new feature Samsung have moved the fingerprint from the back to the front and requires the slightest fingerprint touch on the front glass to unlock.


Samsung S10 Plus


Quite simply this device takes a lot of beating, the viewing experience with the AMOLED display is the best around right now.

Screen: 6.1-inch 3040×1440 Pixel Quad HD+ screen | Camera Type: Front camera: 10.0MP Back camera: 12.0MP+16.0MP+12.0MP | CPU: Qualcomm Snapdragon 855, Octa core | System: Android 9 OS, 8GB RAM + 128GB ROM


Best Dash Cam

Lifechaser UHD 4K+1080P Dual-Channel Dash Cam


Lifechaser Dash Cam


The 4K beauty comes has the latest Omnivision image sensor, 8-Megapixel Resolution. Built on OmniVision’s advanced pixel architecture, it leverages backside illumination with improved low-light sensitivity to achieve high-res images and record ultra-high-resolution 4K/2K video, in most high contrast lighting conditions.

The best dash cam on the market right now! Check Out Full Review Here

  • Easy To Install — Being powered with the car cord, it turns off and on alongside the ignition.
  • Parking Mode — As soon as the sensor detects motion it automatically starts recording so your car is always protected even when you’re not driving.
  • Loop Recording — With the video able to record in 3, 5, or 10 minute intervals it then just rewrites over the oldest footage, allowing for continuous recording when the card is full.
  • WDR and F1.8 6 glass lens allows for crisp clear details you can’t normally see at night like number plates road signs etc.
  • G Sensor — The G sensor technology detects when there is collision and locks the video, ensuring that the footage is protected and you have all the evidence you need if you are being wrongfully blamed for the accident.
  • Built In Wi-Fi Connection — Download the App and watch everything on your mobile device with ease.


dash cam image


Best Games Console

Xbox One All Digital Edition – The best games console on the market

xbox one digital

I had a very hard time deciding between the Nintendo Switch and the Xbox One Digital, but comparing price, functionality, choice of games and overall performance I have opted to stick with the Xbox.

To me this makes perfect sense in a world that is operating everything from a cloud, from gaming to banking, everything is becoming digital.

It is basically the same as it’s disc using predecessor, except for the use of an actual disc drive. But that omission of a physical drive really has a lot of benefits — saving space with no discs lying around, no damaged games after repeated use etc…

xbox one all digital

It is a lot sleeker than the Xbox One too, sporting a marble white exterior making it a sexier console to add to your home.

This console is up there with the best in terms of speed and graphics, creating an experience for the gamer that is hard to match. Check out the full review here.

With Microsoft adding an impressive 1 TB HDD for the price, you have plenty space for all your digital games to be installed for your gaming pleasure.

The Best 3D Printer

FlashForge 3D printer Flash forge Creator Pro


Image of 3D printer

The top 3D Printer available to buy right now.

Product Dimensions: 43.2 x 48.3 x 55.9 cm ; 11 Kg | Boxed-product Weight: 20.5 Kg

Let your imagination run wild with this fantastic piece of equipment and wow your friends with your creations.

This still blows my mind!

How technology has evolved in recent times, this type of invention is the stuff of futuristic movies you watched as a kid.

3D printer


This is a great 3D printer with very little hassle to set up and use, and you can create literally ANYTHING!

Flash forge are creating some of the best 3D printers on the market today, and in my opinion this is the best of the bunch. It is quite pricey but if you are looking to buy one and money is no object then I think it is a great addition to any gadget lovers home.

Check out 3D Printer and other cool gadgets here

The Best Tablet 2020

Apple iPad Pro

It really comes down to your taste in tech, for some they are dyed in the wool Android fans. Others, like myself am a loyal IOS fan and there is a simple reason…they rock at everything!

iPad Pro

This amazing tablet really pushes the boundaries in advanced technology. Apple have done it again, this a belter.

From the gorgeous, immersive Liquid Retina display to the clever sleek tablet come laptop design, I simply take my hat off to these guys yet again.

iPad Pro floating keyboard

Some Specs are:

10mp ultra-wide camera

LiDAR Scanner (Light Detection and Ranging) So advanced the guys at NASA are using the same for the next Mars landing mission

A12Z Bionic Chip — So powerful it easily outperforms most laptops available today!

Magic floating design keyboard — This is thee all in one device you will ever need!

iPad Pro keyboard liquid display


I could go on all day telling you all about this fantastic invention but to be honest this tablet speaks for itself, go take a look for yourself at Apple. Com

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