The Best Wireless Spy Cameras You Can Buy In 2020

July 28, 2020 By Steven Kane 0

What Is The Best Wireless Spy Camera To Buy?

wireless spy cameras - Wanted poster top secret

Discover The Secret Agent In You And Find Out Below

I love the idea of spy gadgets, so recently I typed into Google ‘Best Wireless Spy Cameras You Can Buy’.

As a result of my search, I was surprised at the choice, the different sizes and designs available.

I believe everyone has a little spy inside them.

Most people will enjoy movies about the famous British Secret Agent, James Bond. Code named — 007. Therefore, kids and adults alike dreamed of living the life of Mr. Bond. The endless Spy Gadgets in Bond films are amazing. Although the Jet Pack or the poison-tipped shoes may be a little fanciful, dreams of life completing covert ops, beating bad guys, and playing with spy toys are magical.

Children are the same. For example, just look at your little ones’ faces as they fantasize about being a super spy kid, while they are glued to the movie Spy Kids.


Surveillance In Every Shape And Size

Looking for wireless spy cameras to buy can be fun. There are superb, tiny little devices coming in all shapes and sizes. Also, disguised using some very clever designs.

Of course, the word ‘Spy’ seems a little shady, with a not so innocent plan on how and where you put your spy camera to use.


is your boss spying on you

There are many uses for your hidden camera. Above all, the obvious temptation to actually ‘Spy’ on someone really is up to the user.

Personally I think the more practical uses would see this amazing technology put too much better use. What you intend to use the camera for, will give you a fair idea of what type is best for you.





Different Types of Wireless Spy Cameras To Buy

Whether it’s for business, pleasure, or just geeky curiosity, to buy a wireless spy camera you must know what you need it for and judge which suits you best.

Here are some different types of spy cameras.

      • Hidden Spy Camera
      • Waterproof Spy Camera
      • Night Vision Spy Camera
      • Wearable Spy Camera
      • Spy Camera Watch
      • USB Stick Spy Camera
      • Spy Camera Pen
      • Spy Camera Glasses
      • Clock Spy Camera


I think you get the idea. Spy cameras come in pretty much any form or size. Therefore, whatever use you will have for your spy camera there is the perfect design for you.


What Would I Use A Spy Camera For?

There are many reasons why you might want to buy a wireless spy camera.

Spy cameras are effective for discreet surveillance, or work. On the other hand, you could have some light-hearted hidden camera fun with your friends.

Here are a few ways you could use a wireless spy camera.


      • Recording and studying wildlife — like small insects and rodents
      • Viral Videos
      • Lectures or Meetings
      • Co-workers, Nannies, or Employees who have raised serious suspicion and need to be investigated.
      • Watching over your little ones and keep them safe – they won’t suspect a thing 🙂
      • Intruders or Criminals
      • Body Camera For Surveillance
      • Checking If Your Partner Has Been Raiding The Biscuit Jar 🙂



I am not suggesting anyone should use a spy camera for illegal purposes. Remember To Act Lawfully and Respect Human Rights. Check If How You Use Your Camera Is Legal!


ResourcesSpy Camera laws - cctv warning

Is It Legal Using Hidden Cameras At Work?

Is Spying On Others Illegal?




Best Wireless Spy Cameras To Buy By Type


best wireless spy cameras you can buy - different spy camera












The selection of cameras above is clearly ancient compared to the next level cameras available nowadays. The best of which I will reveal below.

So, here goes…

How did I make my choice for the best spy camera in each category?

Each decision is based on my own research and feedback from online reviews, but also my personal opinion.


Best Waterproof Spy Camera

best wireless spy cameras you can buy - waterproof spy camera


No.1 Choice For The Best Waterproof Camera Is The 1080P HD Mini Waterproof Camera

Technically is not a ‘spy’ camera. For me, the best waterproof camera is versatile and useful. HD Mini Cam. Built with a protective casing allowing immersion in up to 95 feet (28.96 m) of water with no damage. Standing at a tiny 1 inch (25.4 mm) and weighing just 0.3 ounces (8.87 cm³). In other words, one of the smallest in the world.

waterproof spy cameraDespite being as small this little camera sees everything with 155 degrees field of view.

You can use it almost anywhere. So maybe attach it to your bike, your wrist, or even clip it to a drone, and you will get superb footage day or night as it also has night vision and a 200mAh battery allowing for long recordings.

In short, this is a good all-rounder. Firstly because of its size and secondly its water resistance.



Now for a great camera to use in secret. The tiny covert camera you can wear!


The Best Wearable Spy Camera

best wireless spy cameras you can buy - button spy camera

No.1 Choice For The Best Wearable Spy Camera Is The Hidden Button Spy Camera

This is the best-hidden camera for me. In addition to the superb design and tiny size, it comes with a clever little remote control.

Certainly, being disguised as a button no one will see it on a jacket or shirt. button spy cameraA great wearable camera records your daily motions without anyone knowing any different. A different setting for motion sensor recording if you are are unable to use the remote for any reason. Insanely covert and small, the camera lens is a tiny 8 mm. 6 hrs continuous recording with a 32gb storage.





The whole idea of a spy camera is to record without the knowledge of others. One of my favorite ideas is the clock spy camera, this cracker below, doesn’t disappoint.


Best Alarm Clock Spy Cameraalarm clock spy camera

The Best Clock Spy Camera, For Me, Is The WEMLB WB-726 Alarm Clock Camera

It’s a real favorite of mine, and I was going to have it compete in the Hidden Camera category, but I think there are so many ideas and designs, ‘Best Clock Spy Camera’ deserves a category of its own.

Primarily, functioning as a normal digital alarm clock for the most ideal camouflage.



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