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Best Dashcam Review

April 3, 2020 By Steven Kane 16

The Best Dashcam Review Can Help You Decide


So you are looking for the best dashcam review to help you choose which one to buy?

There are so many dash cams to choose from and after researching dozens. I have written the Best Dashcam Review on the impressive Lifechaser UHD Dual Channel model.

When it comes to driving with 100% peace of mind, buying a dashcam will allow you to cruise around and feel at ease.

Every day there are thousands of folks involved in accidents that were of no fault of their own. Often a driver will refuse any liability and leave the victim financially devastated. With no footage, there is no proof if someone else is to blame.

My friend was involved in an incident. A driver pulled out of a junction without checking for traffic coming from their right, and in a split-second, he drove straight into the other vehicle side-on.

Consider Protecting Yourself With A Dashcam

With no eyewitnesses and no video or CCTV evidence when the cops arrived, they cautioned my friend for driving without due care and attention.

His insurance company raised the cost of his premium and now has to pay over double what his previous policy cost, despite the accident genuinely being none of his fault.

These types of scenarios are happening all over the country every day. A simple solution to safeguard yourself is to have a dashcam installed.

Lifechaser UHD 4K+1080P Dual-Channel – The Best Dashcam Examination

The 4K beauty has the latest Omnivision image sensor, 8-Megapixel Resolution.

Built on OmniVision’s advanced pixel architecture, it leverages backside illumination with improved low-light sensitivity, achieving high-res images and record ultra-high-resolution 4K/2K video, in most high contrast lighting conditions.

Key Features Of The Lifechaser Dashcam

  • Easy To Install – Being powered with the car cord, it turns off and on alongside the ignition.
  • Parking Mode – Detecting motion, it automatically starts recording, so your car is always protected even when you are not driving.
  • Loop Recording. – Video record in 3, 5, or 10-minute intervals. It then just rewrites over the oldest footage, allowing for continuous recording when the card is full.
  • WDR and F1.8 – 6 glass lens allows crisp, precise details. This getter night visibility.
  • G Sensor – When there is a collision, and you are not at fault, The G sensor technology detects this and locks the video, ensuring you have evidence to prove your innocence.
  • Built-In WiFi Connection – Download the App and watch everything on your mobile device with ease.

Dashcams. How Do They Work?

Dashcams make audio and video recordings or your journeys but are so much smarter than any primary car video camera. Instead of one long continuous recording filling up card after card, it records in bite-size chunks. It then rewrites over existing footage. It will lock the footage if there is an accident.

Instead of plugging it to a 12v socket, it can be ‘hardwired,’ meaning it will record any bumps that may happen while your at home and are unaware.

Can I connect Dashcam To My Smartphone?


It will connect via the Kacam APP on Apple Appstore, Android Google Play, or the Lifechaser website. Just press WiFi at the top of the camera and turn on/off. (T, the WiFi connection is only between camera and smartphone.)

Why Should I Buy A Dashcam?

For your peace of mind, a good dashcam review should help you decide.

But while they do have some drawbacks like self-incrimination, the benefits far outweigh the shortcomings.

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