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5 Best Tech Gadgets To Buy

March 14, 2020 By Steven Kane 10

We All Love A New Gizmo To Buy – Here Are 5 Awesome Tech Gadgets Online

Buying a new gadget is exciting. There are loads of new tech gadgets to buy online.

In this day and age, we as humans don’t have to sharpen a piece of flint to go hunt down our evening meal or sculpt a bit of stone to make a wheel for our Flintstone mobile to get to work in the morning but the same line of thinking remains…

“Hmm…if i buy a new Apple Watch, I won’t have to put my hand in my pocket at all!”

Bingo! I just made things a little easier for myself πŸ™‚

Modern Technology – We All Need It!

Nowadays it’s all about the latest best Tech Gadgets, Bluetooth Technology, or the latest iPhone update, all designed to make our daily lives just that wee bit easier!

One look online and there are millions of innovative, Tech inspired, weird and wonderful creations out there from Anti Theft Laptop Backpacks to Wireless Key Finders

I love all this type of thing and surprise surprise, so do my kids. My house is like an Aladdin’s cave of crazy gadgets…It’s the world we live in really πŸ˜€

What are the Best Tech Gadgets to Buy?

Have a wee look these are in my opinion the funkiest and best gadgets available to buy at the moment.

Here are 5 of my personal favorites.


Floating Globe with LED Lights


Cool gadgets to buy - floating globe




So this won’t exactly make your life any easier, but it will certainly put a smile on your face. I think this cracker is utterly mesmerizing! This Tech Gadget is something that can be enjoyed at almost any age.

It’s operated by an electronically controlled magnetic system to make it float and rotate in mid-air.


4pcs LED lighting system that creates a mesmerizing office/homework desk decoration.



Images with instructions on how to use floating globe


















Mini Portable Projector


Image of portable projector



I love the concept of this Mini Projector, it’s as small as a smartphone but creates a cinema-like experience at home for you and your family.

Easy to use it comes with a tripod with a fully functional 360 degrees rotation and firm stand



Image of someone putting portable projector in their pocket



Easy to fit in your pocket and has a staggering 45000 hours battery life this makes the perfect gift for your movie-mad kids or boxset crazy spouse.

This portable projector can easily connect to a laptop, TV Box, DVD, tablet, camera, PS3/4, smartphone, etc. through an HDMI port to enjoy a variety of entertaining resources from lots of devices. Making your living room become a home cinema!

This would be an ideal purchase for your Man Cave!



Image of family watching portable projector on a big screen














Vector Robot With Built-in Alexa



Image of a vector robot




Vector is voice-activated and will answer questions for you, it can take photos, tell you what the weather is like, and even tell you it’s nearly dinner time!

Voice features are currently the English language only. But developers are working on different languages

Just say β€œHey Vector.” and it’s ready to obey you every command. Vector is the best wee pal to hang out with. Now with Alexa built-in. Robot helpfulness on steroids!




Image of a woman saying "Hey Vector" to vector robot




With Alexa integration and facial recognition, Vector is the little pal you dreamed about when you were a kid…he even snores when he’s sleeping πŸ˜€

This is fun as you can watch his personality develop, beware because even though your kids will love him your dog may not lol.

Toy Today, Sidekick Tomorrow

all in all the Vector is an engaging fun friend for all the family. With happiness and helpfulness that’s hard to match from any of your friends. This would make a brilliant buy for yourself, kids, or even a gift for a loved one!




Image of boxed Vector Robot







Electronic Doodle Pad



Image of an electronic writing pad




This is a cheap, great little device to unleash your kids’ creativity. Allowing your child to easily draw, scribble or doodle then erase the screen with the click of a button.

It can be used for making notes, counting, drawing etc…it’s very flexible to use it comes with a standing bracket, and with powerful magnets, you can even stick it to your refrigerator as an alternative to post-it notes!




Image of pocket pad with dimensions




Your wee ones are bored, you have been to the store looking for drawing pads, color pens, etc and you suddenly think “where can I buy a drawing tablet?”

This is a fantastic buy that’s great for the environment, as every picture you kid draws saves a few pieces of paper…makes sense πŸ™‚




Image of dad and daughter with caption create happy family time




Scribble over it again and again and you will save 1000’s of sheets of paper a year!

This is a superb buy for your tiny terrors to keep them occupied, and inexpensive too!









Desktop 3D Printer



Image of 3D printer



This still blows my mind!

How technology has evolved in recent times, this type of invention is the stuff of futuristic movies you watched as a kid.

This is a great 3D printer with very little hassle to set up and use, and you can create ANYTHING!

Check out this amazing video of YouTuber ROBNOB9X creating a medieval castle…Amazing!





This is like a supercharged version of LEGO, and we all know the hours of fun using the superb building blocks to create countless creations that your wild imagination will allow.

This is the same…without the hard work:)



Image of 3D printer



A fantastic creative addition to your gadgety home, you can Wow your friends and family creating ANYTHING you want!








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